The world’s first players-centric platform

Did you know that we’re about to launch the first players-centric platform on the planet?

Seriously. It’s not a fad or some marketing trick. We’re that devoted to the cause. It can (will) revolutionize the world of online gambling and turn it upside down.

What the heck does that mean?

We hear you say.

Well, this means that each registered player will have his/her own private space on the platform and get contacted by casino reps directly.

Why is this important for you?

Because you’ll be able to negotiate deals directly with them. For the first time ever you can get bonuses specifically crafted just for you.

And this will be completely free of charge if you register now! No hidden fees or anything like that.

Oh, one more important thing. You choose how you present yourself on the platform. We guarantee 100% anonymity if you don’t want to reveal your identity.

Interested to learn more?

Add your email below and we’ll let you know once we open the gates.

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Basically, you’ve got nothing to lose. You can only gain by registering. We won’t bother you IF you choose not to use the platform. It’s completely up to you how active you’d like to be. Also, no spam. We hate spam.

Still not convinced?

We understand. There are way too many affiliate sites out there that are trying to earn money off the back of the players. We’ve been there as well. We feel you.

And that’s exactly why we decided to build the GamblersRank platform.

We believe that operators should proactively seek new players. Not the other way around. Players are their users/customers. This leads us to, in our opinion, crucial conditions that need to be met to move the industry to the next level. And on the plus side players can make some cash on the top of everything else.

Three crucial conditions

We believe that:


should take care of their users at all times.



should make sure their users have full control over the user journey and overall gambling experience.



should be able to negotiate offers with casinos directly.

If you’d like to see how it all looks in practice real soon, register below.

Early subscribers will have a chance to join our private beta and get a few more additional goodies!


Now, just in case you wanna think about all this and revisit this page later on, there’s no need to read it once again from scratch. We’ll summarize it for you. So here goes…


Here’s a bullet-point list of the main things you can expect to see if you register:

  • Operators compete for players, whereas players dictate the rules.
  • Each and every player gets a tailor-made offer for her/him – directly from an operator.
  • Players get the best deals possible. They can negotiate offers themselves.
  • No affiliate links.
  • No player tagging.
  • Players build their own referral network and earn additional cash.
  • Over time players build their reputation and potentially get better deals.
  • Everything is entirely free of charge for players.

As simple as that.

Now, for the disadvantages of our platform… We can’t think of any.

Please let us know if you can. We’ll appreciate that very much because we’d like to improve further.

Wanna see how we’re going to pull this off?

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It’s about you, gambler. Here the player’s need comes first.

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